Search Engine for Physical world.

Using surveillance cameras & our video intelligence engine, we index and reason physical world phenomena such as {Humans, vechicles ...}, their interactions, behaviors, movements and relationships. so people can monitor, analyze and query spaces in real time for relevant and specific information that can improve their business - Hyperlocal intelligence.
Programmable Cities
Enabled via Policy Driven AI ™
How We Do


Surveillance cameras across geographies capture diverse data about the physical world which can be exploited by humans to discover hyperlocal intelligence.
  • Point a camera at physical space to start indexing.
  • Any consumer grade camera, No additional hardware.
  • Works with multiple modalities like IR, Depth sensors too.


A plethora of computer vision, machine learning and deep learning algorithms that enable computers to see, interpret and reason physical world like humans do.
  • Turns videos into insights.
  • A.I. as micro services chain together to contribute to a logic
  • Highly parallel and distributed architecture to scale automatically.
  • Highly diverse video analytics capabilities.


Policies are framework of metrics, rules, triggers and actions you define on physical world. Business/ domain logics are specified by chains of simple to complex conditional instructions.
  • Use natural language to specify policies
  • Actions are triggered when phenomena matching your rules occurs
  • Policy driven A.I. : Policies drive underlying A.I. and self configures system
  • Orchestrating hyperlocal intelligence discovery
Legend : Objects Triggers Physical world Custom trained class
Action Metrics
Rule 1
If {human, vehicle} entry at zone1 is Authorized personnel, log entry
Else alert team1, team2
Rule 2
If vehicle entry at toll1, log numberplate, make, model. If blacklisted alert team1, team2 with log.
Rule 3
If human entry at myshop1, recognize repeat_customer, If avg_frequency > 10 and avg_spend > 3000, alert storekeeper2 Track all repeat_customer, register dwell_time, interests Count and log age, gender, traffic.

Search Engine

Enables humans and applications to pull relevant static & dynamic information indexed by video intelligence engine.
  • Digitally accessible physical surroundings.
  • Automatically identifying cameras that contribute to a query
  • Synthesising results stemming from distributed sources


God’s view of your physical world. Be completely informed and have understanding of what’s happening everywhere simultaneously.
  • Summarize & Visualize all metrics gathered from physical world.
  • Be alerted if flagged events occur.
  • Dashboards and apps as endpoints.
  • A.I. micro services are opened as API’s & platform.

Urban Monitoring

Scallable and efficient humanless surveillance

Hyperlocal Intelligence

Transform video camera into powerful business tool

Video Intelligence PaaS

Build custom video intelligence application
Intrusion Detection
Tresspass Tripwire
Object Recognition
& Tracking
Suspicious Activity
Event Recognition
Crowd Analysis
Missing Object
Fire & Smoke
License Plate Recognition
& Search
Parking Analytics
Traffic Violations
Vehicle Type Recognition
Vehicle Counting
Speeding & Density
Face Recognition
Face Detection
& Search
Emotion Recognition
Age Recognition
Gender Recognition
Attention Measurement
Facial Feature Analysis
Sentiment Analysis
Video content search
Video summarization
Remote monitoring
Event alerts
Video stabilization
Video indexing
Cloud storage
Cloud VMS
Camera Tampering
People Counting
Dwell time
Heat maps
repeat new customer
Big spender, interests
& purchase history
Facial Feature Analysis
Dwell time
Heat maps
Window &
display effectiveness
Ad and marketing campaign
impact measurement
Targeted ADS
Draw rate
Optimize staff
Queue management
Zone performance
A/B testing
store layout
Missed scans at counter
Shrinkage detection
Bill delivery recognition
POS events
Remote monitoring
Measure traffic trends
Identify opportunities for
infrastructure improvements
Analyze the use of
design features
Determine the impact of temporary
events and special programming
Process multiple activities
on a single video feed
User flow: discover crowded
and under-used areas
Traffic density analytics
Transport infra utilization
License Plate detect, Recognition, search
Traffic violations detection - wrong way,
signal violation, accident, rash driving
Vehicle type & make recognition
Vehicle counting
Toll gate automation
Illegal parking
Detection of occupied & vacant slots
Dwell time
Targeted cloud ADS delivered on internal radio and display, based on demography (age, gender) analytics
Gauge ads impact using head tracking, gaze tracking and attention analytics.
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