One Studio, Infinity AI

Open platform for vision AI workflows

A unified framework and ecosystem of apps for end to end enterprise class AI and HPC workflows

Full lifecycle AI

Build and Run enterprise AI with 24+ integrated applications. With One Studio, enterprises can Discover, Access, Collaborate, Consume, Compose, Run, Scale, and Manage AI

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Your AI catalog

State of the Art AI algorithms & Usecases.

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Your own (or open) AI community

Teams that work together, churn out better AI.

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Creating AI is as simple as 1,2,3

Create AI algorithms or use cases with or without AI programming knowledge by chaining together AI building blocks.

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AI isn’t a blackbox anymore

Benchmark, record, code, data, config, track & query experiments, and get results.

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One node to large scale highly distributed nodes

Optimize deployments across clusters and Autoscale to match any demand.

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Be in control, Stay updated

Automate all your AI operations. Keep your AI upto date - Continuous learning.

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One Studio Apps

Focus on solving your business problem instead of spending all your time researching complex algorithms.

No code - visual modelling apps that transform your existing non AI workforce into AI workforce almost immediately.

A secure storage, governance, and processing of large, multi-source datasets.

Enterprise AI Challenges

Significant percentage of enterprises fall short of their AI goals. Some of the reasons are,

Lack of IT Infrastructure to Handle AI
Lack of access to talent and understanding
Lead time to implementation is too long
Impact on employee morale
Not sure about effective business use cases for AI - Discoverability problem
Enterprises recognise they have enough trained people internally to buy, build and deploy AI.

Why Cognitifai One?

Democratizes and accelerates

Cognitifai One democratizes access to state of the art to enterprises. Our algorithms are,

  • Most robust to real world scenarios. (Noise, appearance and cultural bias).
  • Most accurate on par with state of the arts from heavily invested labs.
  • Least compute intensive. Built to throughput maximum FPS per hardware. More FPS per hardware means more capital and operational savings.
  • All these helps you accelerate your AI journey to quicker and effective ROI

Risk free and shorter turn around time.

Cognitifai One reduces risk by eliminating huge upfront investments to get started and also have guaranteed outcomes of your AI project in a short time.

  • Completely handle your IT infra for AI
  • Transform your existing workforce into AI by exposing them to and
  • Have shorter time to deliver or pilot an AI use case by utilising apps across , and
  • Allows business executives to create AI use cases with or without AI knowledge.

Onpremise AI. Alternatively on cloud or hybrid.

To protect your data and remain competitive, we bring fully managed AI on your premise.

  • Cognitifai one is built as "On Prem" first suite. It brings all the capability of cloud to your premise.
  • Alternatively Cognitifai one works equally well on cloud or can be configured to work hybrid on your favourite cloud.
  • Using HPCOS.AI, the entire highly parallel, distributed and end to end engineering backbone needed to run AI is automated.

Last mile. Open ecosystem of tools for every stage and every stakeholder in AI journey.

AI journey has multiple stages and multiple stakeholders involved. From ideation to productionizing AI.

  • Outcome of every stage and every stakeholder involved in these stages are pivotal in success. Not only the teams should talk to each other but the tools used by these teams needs to talk and work together seamlessly to help them achieve organisational goals.
  • Cognitifai one acts as a unifying framework . The platform is completely open to allow various vendors, employees to onboard their AI solutions and work together seamlessly irrespective of how AI was built and how it is run.

World’s most diverse and state of the art vision AI

120+ vision AI algorithms spanning across, detection, recognition, tracking, action, event recognition, pose estimation, gesture etc and 500+ vision AI ready to consume use cases for 12+ industries, Cognitifai’s is one of the most diverse vision AI available in the world either as algorithm/usecase apis or products.

  • Our highly skilled researchers, PhDs, postdocs hail from some of the top research labs across globe. Along with our highly talented and experienced large scale systems engineers, we make sure the state of the art for these algorithms are maintained on regular basis so you always get the best of AI and also be able to run them at business scale.